Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 2: 40 Days~ They can’t take it from me~

Today I am fasting from the idea of worry and feasting on the idea that all is divinely ordered.

“Do you really expect the signs following your belief? You seem to when you pray, you feel you are using the right words, but are you sure that your prayers or affirmations are made with complete acceptance? It is not the form of the treatment which you give, or the prayer which you make, that gives it power. Rather, it is your faith. Pg. 105” ~Ernest Holmes

I am sitting with this idea of uncertainty, worry and doubt. I have been meditating on how my thoughts have been centered around others and what they may be thinking of me.

I am fasting today on this idea… releasing all of it!

I am releasing all uncertainty, worry and doubt. What others think of me is none of my concern and it doesn’t effect me.

I am feasting on the truth that I am deeply loved, appreciated, valued, respected and trusted.

I release all negative ideas that people are sending me energy that does not align with who I am. I release ideas that people are threatened by my power because what I know to be true is that WE are ALL incredibly powerful.

Powerful Women… this is what I am thinking about today… women who have entered and left my life who carry a tremendous amount of power and beauty a power that has created beautiful things together and a power that has separated us.

Yet I know that we are never SEPARATE we are all connected.

Today I fast on insecure thoughts~

I feast on the truth that your gifts are yours, my gifts are mine and no one can take it from me.

We are each here to do something magnificent… and together our power and force is unshakeable and builds beautiful things.

I don’t fear what you have… I don’t fear your greatness… I am standing in my own!

Today I honor the power in YOU while honoring the power in ME!

I release smallness.
I am open to receiving the hugeness and bigness that is ME!
Today I am lifting my vision.
Today I am relaxed and receptive.
Today I am becoming a better listener and hearing the messages that are meant for me.
My faith gives my words power!
I am living in complete expectancy of my deepest desires!
I live and lead my life through the power of love.

And so it is~

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