Tuesday, September 18, 2012

YOU are important!

Today, I must stop for a moment to recognize someone incredibly important in my life.  We met in 2008 after he read an article I wrote that was published in Urban Latino Magazine from that moment we have been inseparable.
RENZO DEVIA… the Executive Producer & Director of Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story.
Aside from his many accomplishments and accolades as a producer for MTV, HBO Latino, Univision and then going onto being one of the founders of American Latino TV and LatiNation which is broadcast in over 100 markets and seen in over 50 million homes.
Renzo is really ABOUT IT! He gets it done! He believes in excellence and knows how to put together an excellent team giving opportunities to Latinos worldwide. He cares about people… all people… but mostly OUR PEOPLE… the Latino experience. He spent years developing the real stories of who LATINOS are… our successes and incredible contributions that are a part of American culture. After being one of the pioneers here in the U.S. he decided that his expertise and talent could be used to tell our stories on a wider scale and so he returned home to Colombia.  
CREADOR Pictures … his production company is finally wrapping up our first revolutionary project taking on the massive story of Afrolatinos. If you don’t know who Afrolatinos are check out WWW.AFROLATINOS.TV
While his contributions and his mission are to be admired… it is my relationship with Renzo that I want to recognize today.
I wanted to take a moment to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I wanted to thank him for choosing me to partner with on the tremendous project that is Afrolatinos: La Historia Que Nunca nos Contaron. I understand that he could have had his pick at hundreds of amazing writers, but he chose me and we were BORN TO TELL THIS STORY!
Today I wish you Renz a day filled with joy and hard work… because I know that as I type you are working your tail off and there IS a payoff in the end. I know that Oya y todo los Santos te van a dar una bendicion tan imensa porque te lo mereces. Maferefun Ellegua que siempre esta contigo.
My best friend y hermano Happy Happy Birthday.
Never stop telling our stories… YOUR WORK IS IMPORTANT… YOU ARE IMPORTANT! 
And I love you.
Tu hermana,

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