Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meditation 19: Return to the Land of MY Soul ~ Day 4

Day 4: 40 Day Fast~

Return again… Return to the land of your soul! 

I have that song on repeat this morning

Return again…
Return to who you are
Return to what you are
Return to where you are born and reborn again
Return to the land of your soul

I am meditating on what it feels like for me to return to the land of my soul… returning to who I am.

Today I release everything that has happened before this moment.

I am returning to the land of my soul.

And as I breathe…

I am inhaling so much peace.

“You must find and maintain a close communion with your true Center. Your creative power is not an act of will. It is, rather, an act of your willingness to believe. And you are believing in something greater than your objective self, something deeper than your subconscious self, something beyond the collective thought of the world. Your creative power comes from the originating Spirit Itself, which knows no limit, is conditioned by no circumstance and governed by no law outside Itself.” ~This Thing Called You~ by Ernest Holmes

I am reminded that I must find and maintain a close communion with my center…

When I pay attention…

When I get still…

When I honor myself…

When I listen… really listen…

The answers are always there. The messages may not always be clear but I am called to remember where I can turn to and who I am. I am reminded where I should go and what I am called to do. I can place all my issues, problems and dreams on my altar of faith. This place brings me so much peace. I believe in something greater. I know that I must go deeper and as I go deeper I can see beyond what appears to be in front of me.

“Divine Guidance, like the Presence of God, is where you are, at the center of your being. When you turn to the Spirit for the solution of your problem, Spirit answers by intuitively knowing, not the problem, but its answer.” This Thing Called You~

“As your consciousness lifts itself above the problem into a spiritual atmosphere of affirmation, the problem, as such disappears and the answer takes its place. Every problem contains its own answer if you think of the problem merely as a question, an inquiry, and not as an obstruction. Thinking of it this way, keep your mind not on the repetition of thoughts about the problem, but on the receipt of a definite answer.” ~Ernest Holmes

I know that the Divine is guiding me right where I stand.
I know that I am unlimited and my past errors have been forgiven.
Today I begin anew… yesterday is gone… all that matters is this moment.
I am constantly guided, protected and loved.
I am blessed and am a blessing to this world.
I know that Spirit is working miracles through me AS ME.
I am FREE.

During my reading today, Ernest Holmes writes:

“Each autumn brings its harvest… There will be a new planting new blossoms and new fruits, new seed times and new harvests. It makes no difference what your harvest may have been last year, today you can create a new future if you have the faith to believe that you can.”

“Lay them on the altar of your faith…”

Several months ago I created a vision board for all the things I want for myself. I can’t draw to save my life, however it is my vision so it’s a work of art. 

I drew my two homes... a brownstone in Harlem and my farm in the Dominican Republic complete with a labyrinth and a beautiful garden that I would plant myself. I was on a phone call with some women and we were talking about setting intentions for manifesting our dreams and desires for the new moon.

One woman used the example of planting seeds…

When I hung up the phone I took a piece of paper and cut it into many pieces. On the small sheets of paper I wrote down each goal, dream and vision I see for myself. I listed everything I wanted to achieve and receive. I wrote every desire I intend to attract. Those pieces of paper are the seeds in my garden. If you look closely at my vision board you see can see these little dots… those are the seeds of my dream garden.

Originally, I placed the small sheets with my intentions on my altar, once I created the vision board I decided that the seeds needed to be all over and around the board.

What I’m reminding myself of today is that it takes constant communication and connection to source to manifest all of my desires.


Today and always I AM planting seeds and laying them on the Altar of my Faith.

And as I look at my garden I am ecstatic because so much of what I have cultivated is bearing the most delicious and beautiful fruit.

And so it is~

I leave you with absolutely beautiful song by Neshama Carlebach & The Green Pastures Baptist Choir~

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