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Written Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bathing in my blessings~
Today I am reminding myself who I AM.
I AM fierce…  
This is my meditation this week… that I AM FIERCE~
There is a reason and significance behind everything that I do. There is nothing I do without an INTENTION.
The intention behind me blogging this week my SELF PORTRAITS is that I want to remind myself everyday of how FIERCE I AM.
This might sound vain but to me it isn’t. For a long time… exactly one year I have forgotten how fierce I really am. Fierceness in how I move in the world… fierceness in my writing… fierceness with the people I surround myself with… fierceness in my life! And I AM FIERCE!
I forgot to remember the truth of who I am and all the wonderful things that I have done and continue to do in the world.
I realized a few days ago that I forgot that I had written a book. I WROTE MY FIRST BOOK and self published it. And for a long time I completely acted like it was no big deal. Like that wasn’t FIERCE of me????
Exactly one year ago… that’s FIERCE!
The anniversary of my memoir, Finding Your Force A Journey to LOVE was August 6th several weeks ago… and I didn’t even acknowledge it, nor have I really celebrated fully that accomplishment.
Things always have a way of bringing me back here to this place. I am always called back to the source. I am always reminded to go back to the FORCE! I am always called to come back to the source inside of me that holds the truth. I am called to the place where all the answers are. I am called to stillness… to peace. I am called to the truth of me and the law of mind. That law that states that what I say in thought is what I believe!
What do I believe to be the truth of me?
September 11th, 2001~ this is my birthday as a writer 11 years ago today!
I believe it was a Tuesday. I was driving in my blue Kia driving to Bacardi in Miami, Florida…
The first plane hit…
Then the 2nd
That’s what happens when something traumatic happens… we freeze… we stay in shock, we’re numb. We blame the world. We get angry. Some become filled with hate…
I turned that devastatingly painful moment into something powerful… something positive…
I did not want to leave this place without leaving something significant behind. I wanted to make my mark. I wanted my beautiful daughter to know I didn’t waste my life away. The truth of the matter is that I wanted to prove all those teachers and people wrong… those who told me that I would never be anything. I wanted to prove to ME how I great I really am… despite all the things I heard to the contrary. I wanted to convince myself of how important I AM to the world and that the story that I have to tell… IS a story worth telling!
September 11th was the event… the moment that transformed my life.
It was the moment that pushed me to make a choice. It was the moment where I would decide to not waste anymore time because today is ALL I have.
This is what I am reminding myself of today…
I live for TODAY!
I will be in TODAY!
I am not worrying about tomorrow, the past, my future… today is all I have and there is NO TIME TO WASTE!
And so it is~

I dedicate this blog post to my cousin Luis Antonio Diaz RIP~ Happy Birthday primo I know that you are with me always… you inspire me… you are one my guardian angels… you are missed. I love you. 
(Also for Luis Antonio JR, Jasmine, Alyssa and Edison his children who are his legacy ... I know he is proud of you guys...I LOVE YOU!) 
This blog is also dedicated to the families of those lost during September 11th.

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