Thursday, December 22, 2011


For those of you who have never visited my blog or read my work. WELCOME TO FINDING YOUR FORCE~

I am writing to introduce myself and share news of the completion of my first book titled Finding Your Force a Journey to Love.

Finding Your Force is a memoir written in the form of a love letter to my daughter. It is a story of survival from the darkest moments a human being must grow through in order to become the person they were born to be. FYF is filled with letters addressing people from my past who have hurt me, those I must forgive in order to move on and those I need forgiveness from. There are universal truths that connect the reader to my story. They might not have dealt with the trauma I describe in this book but in many ways the reader will find their own story.

What readers are saying:

“Finding Your Force is Alicia Anabel Santos' brutally honest love letter to her daughter. She depicts the lowest points of her life without making apologies for her mistakes and finds love for herself, her scars and her journey to finding inner strength. Santos frames her memoir with affirmations, prayers, letters, song lyrics and poetry, all relevant to the pain and healing she experienced. Fearlessly, she admits who she was and is today to her daughter and to the world. From physical abuse, rape, alcoholism, and loss surges a woman full of determination, light, will and rebirth. The emotional charge set in this memoir takes the reader from darkness to light and celebrates all of Santos' strides to being a true force. To conclude her book she writes to her daughter," My FORCE is bigger than my problems and there is nothing my God can't handle. These words, my writing...this is my gift to you." She has given all of her readers a gift. Thank you for this brave gift.” Peggy Robles- Alvarado, Author of Conversations With My Skin

Because I am not with a large publishing house and have self-published this book, this is where I need the help of community to get the word out. I am the sales, PR and marketing team.

Finding Your Force is a memoir about how one falls over and over again and still finds the strength to get back up. This is a story about how even in the scariest, darkest moments of ones life… when you feel that all hope is lost… light shines to show you that you can still keep moving… that you must keep going… that there is more to learn and that that we must never give up… we must never stop believing… we must never stop fighting. But mostly Finding Your Force a Journey to Love is a book about living life to the fullest regardless of rules and expectations set by everyone else. Finding Your Force is about how one finds their force within because it has always been there. Your force is waiting for you find it! Finding Your Force is about realizing ones potential and never taking NO for an answer.

I will be beginning my 20 City Tour when I return to the United States in January. I am open to adding more cities to the list. Help bring me to your city! Please spread the word, share with press, media and local newspapers.

Help me get on the New York Times bestsellers list and on Oprah’s Book Club~

Any amount will help. $5, $10, $100~ Please support my campaign. Indiegogo: 20 City Tour~

Website~ Finding Your Force:

I believe that ALL IS POSSIBLE~


Peace, light and LOVE~

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