Monday, December 5, 2011

Help a self published author realize her dream~

After traveling to Providence, Bowdoin College, Stanford University and all over New York City… I’ve decided to take this show on the road!!!

I am planning the Finding Your Force A Journey to Love~ 20 City U.S. Book Tour~

1. Maine

2. Massachusetts

3. Rhode island

4. Connecticut

5. New York

6. Georgia

7. Virginia

8. Washington DC

9. Pennsylvania

10. Ohio

11. Michigan

12. Illinois

13. Missouri

14. Texas

15. New Mexico

16. Colorado

17. Arizona

18. California

19. Washington State

20. Nevada

That’s what I decided I would need to do to get the word out about my new memoir Finding your Force.

People dream of the huge book deals and wait to have their manuscript accepted or rejected by countless publishing houses. Not me. I don’t have that dream. My dream was to write my first book… and I’ve done that. I have always dreamt that I would be the one to publish my first novel… and I’ve done that. I wanted my first book to enter the world without censors and filters or be controlled by editorial, marketing, and sales teams… and I’ve done that as well.

This book was written in my voice under rules set by me. And the end result is this beautiful love letter Finding Your Force that was written to my daughter Courtniana~

Courtney is my muse and greatest inspiration. Now that my memoir is in print we want to share our story with the world. We want hundreds of thousands of people to read this story because we know that you will relate.

We know that OUR story is YOUR story! We are a human family!

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience~”

Why should men read Finding Your Force~

“So I have now read this book a few times, and I'm wondering why, because it is a difficult read to say the least, but definitely an important read, and so I keep going back. Clear your calendar because this book is going to keep you in it's grasp and send you off with markings tattooed inside of your soul that will stay with you for a very long time. Alicia shares her life with us in a way that may save a lot of people from some of the darkness that she has experienced in her lifetime, but as I get to the end of the book, I realize that this is a story of redemption and truly a journey of love, of survival and of someone who has learned to not only DEAL with some serious challenges in her lifetime, but who has also figured out a way to actually THRIVE, and at the end of the day, THAT is what the book is about, and why this letter to her daughter is so moving. Alicia has it figured out, and it's a gift to be able to watch a hero share herself and lead us all to a better existence. A beautiful, honest, compelling and entertaining novel. So HUMAN, there's a piece of all of us in Finding Your Force, and Santos is, indeed, a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to reading more from her.” ~ Amazon review

Why women should read Finding your Force~

It takes a warrior to survive abuse of any kind. It takes bravery to show your scars to the world and self-confidence to acknowledge the beauty of sculpted wounds. It takes strength to heal. In this Memoir Alicia Anabel Santos takes you on a harrowing journey of self destruction and pain, leaving no stone unturned, she faces her truth with dignity. In a series of letters written over a ten-year period, Anabel-Santos addresses the people who have affected her life the most. Many of these letters are painful to read but significant in excavating the hurt and rebuilding the foundation. This is a tale of hope, redemption, self-love and positive affirmations. A legacy of survival, from Mother to Daughter. ~ Amazon Review


Finding Your Force is filled with themes that relate to all of us. This book is filled with images, journal entries, personal letters and the darkest moments of a human beings life. But in the end how even the worst of experiences we can be our own heroes... and those darkest of moments hold the most important life lessons.

This book is for everyone… from teens to elders there is a message for you in this book. My hope and prayer is that I reach my $6,000 goal that will go towards:

Transportation across the U.S.



Hotel accommodations



Two months rent while I am away

I can’t do this alone. You are now a huge part of my journey… you are my marketing and sales team… and I am counting on you to get the word out and help to make this dream a reality. Post and repost on facebook and twitter, email to all of your contacts on gmail, yahoo and hotmail. Lets have fundraisers in your cities~ Bake sales and car washes at your children's highschools.


Help bring me to your city!

Thank you so much for supporting my campaign.

Peace, Light and LOVE

Alicia Anabel

To purchase a copy of Finding Your Force please visit: CREATESPACE

Available on: AMAZON.COM

Available on: BARNES&NOBLE.COM

Visit website and join my mailing list: FINDING YOUR FORCE


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