Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You're wasting your potential!

Good morning everyone~

I am writing from Bogota, Colombia. I will be here for a month working on my historical fiction novel, “The Daughters of the Revolution” and working on the Afrolatinos documentary—we are getting so close to the finish line.

“You’re living a fantasy!”
“Get a real job!”
“Stop dreaming—dreams don’t come true!”
“You will never make any money writing!”
“You’re wasting your time!”
“You’re flying but I can’t see it!”
“You’re too old!”
“You’re wasting your potential!”
“Stability—your art can’t pay the rent!”

I can’t tell you how many variations of those words I have heard by countless people throughout my life. When I first realized I was a writer my parents and immediate family didn’t get it… they didn’t support my dream… they didn’t get why I could no longer hang at their houses every weekend… they were disappointed that I stopped looking for the family… the phone calls got lesser and lesser… they never understood how important it was for me to 1) finally realize and discover that I was born to write… and 2) take the necessary steps in the direction of fulfilling my dream.

The comments I constantly heard about chasing my dream was that it was a total IMPOSSIBILITY… completely unachievable, unattainable and unrealistic.

There were a lot of people in my life who constantly told me that I wouldn’t be able to do this and that I was wasting my time. One person actually told me that no one would ever read my story because I didn’t have an interesting story to tell. It has taken me many years to push past all of that negative “real talk” they thought they were feeding me and say to them, YOU KNOW WHAT… I don’t need you to believe in me… because I believe in me.

Not only is my story interesting it’s an important story to tell… and I haven’t stopped writing it. I am dedicated to my craft and will write until my last breath. And so to all those who didn’t believe in me I say I forgive you and thank you… your doubt lit a fire that will never burn out… I will continue writing~

Once I return to the states the kick off of this 20 city tour begins… this is the point during the campaign where I can begin to feel discouraged believing that I won’t make it to the finish line and that if I don’t make my goal it is somehow a reflection of me and my work. I don’t believe this. I have raised $87 so far and every amount helps. I have over (280) copies of my book being read as we speak and I still have a long way to go but I am patient.

There are 18 days left in my campaign and today I am praying for a miracle. I am praying that angels see my hard work and dedication. I am praying that the universe brings forth those people or person who can help make my dream come true. We all need people who believe in our potential and are rooting for us to get to the finish line. I know I will succeed because I must.

Finding Your Force is a memoir about how one falls over and over again and still finds the strength to get back up. This is a story about how even in the scariest, darkest moments of ones life… when you feel that all hope is lost… light shines to show you that you can still keep moving… that you must keep going… that there is more to learn and that that we must never give up… we must never stop believing… we must never stop fighting. But mostly Finding Your Force a Journey to Love is a book about living life to the fullest regardless of rules and expectations set by everyone else. Finding Your Force is about how one finds their force within because it has always been there. Your force is waiting for you find it! Finding Your Force is about realizing ones potential and never taking NO for an answer.

And so for today

I will not worry about the amount raised or whether or not I have reached my goal. Today I give thanks to those who have donated. I am so grateful to those who have retweeted and posted my links on their facebook and I am so thankful to all those who constantly show me love and support.

Please continue to spread the word about my campaign to reach 20 cities in two months~ together we can do this! Todo es posible~ Ache~

Peace, light and LOVE~

Click link to donate to my indiegogo 20 City Tour Campaign~


tcfspeaker said...

Keep going you are doing a great job and you will make it. I plan to buy some of your books. Just finished my last reading and was looking for my next reading. I guess I found it/them.

Always remember, self satisfaction is better than success. Success is measured by others, while satisfaction is measured by self. Unknown

tcfspeaker said...

You are doing a great job and you will succeed. I plan to buy some of your books. I just finished my last reading and I was looking for the next one/reading. I guess I found it.

Always remember, self satisfaction is better than success. Success is measured by others, while satisfaction is measured by self. Unknown