Friday, December 30, 2011

Meditation 16: Lesson Learned!

Today I am meditating on the question: How do you get in your own way?

So I asked myself: How do I get in my own way? How have I created blocks that have kept me from living my purpose?

This is my greatest lesson… here is where I discover the truth found in the darkness. This has been the foundation of me being stuck. This is my… AHA! Moment!

I read yesterday that we are always in a cycle. We will keep getting the same lessons until we get it right and this knowing alone has me smiling because there are just some lessons I have no desire to repeat.

What have I learned? What are the lessons for me in this experience?

For each of us the answers to these questions will be different. The lessons will appear in crazy ways. For me… my lessons are always brutal. My lessons tend to be quite painful but nevertheless so important for my learning and the only way I ever make any sense of it is by getting still. That’s the lesson I learned. When I begin to question or feel confused… all I need to do is get still. Getting still isn’t just some corny meditation… it’s really about being with oneself… it’s turning within and getting quiet so we can tune into what the internal messages are. Our bodies will always tell us what it needs.

Anytime I’d feel progress or good things were happening in my life I would self – sabotage and retreat to moments where I felt I wasn’t worthy. I would push my good away. That’s what had me so sad—-that so many beautiful things have arrived to my life and I would push my happiness away. All the old feelings would rise. Unwelcomed demons from my past would show up and I would just invite them into my space, feed them dinner and allow for my joy to slip from me. I was doing this for quite a few months after my book launched.

“Spiritual power isn’t given to us it has to be earned. And it is often earned through suffering.” Marianne Williamson

But today I am done with that -- lesson learned. I am living from a more truthful place and the truth is the universe wants me to succeed. The truth is I will succeed. The truth is the universe supports me in all that I am doing and I accept. The truth is I deserve to be happy. The truth is I am divinely favored and loved!


I allow for goodness to come to me~
I am living from a more truthful place and the truth is the universe wants me to succeed.
The truth is I will succeed.
The universe supports me in all that I am doing.
The truth is I am here to serve.
The truth is I am alive and so happy to be here.
I call forth all the good the Divine has for me.
When thoughts of self-sabotage arise I push them away and remember who I am.
The truth is light shines all around me~
And so it is~

Peace, light and LOVE~

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