Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cielo's Box~

This is the story about Cielo and her box~

Cielo is girl with dark eyes and no smile. She came to me the other day and we sat. She just sat there in front me - - I could tell she wanted to play, she wanted to laugh, she wanted to be loved… but she didn't know how to play - - Cielo has been in prison since the day she left the womb.

Her life story was revealed to me with out the use of words because she couldn't speak. She said nothing for the entire time we were together… but her eyes told me everything. She's sad, she's lonely, something is missing, and she has never had a doll.

She's never been asked are you happy?
Never asked - - What is it that you want?
Never asked - - What would make you happy?
Never asked - - What do you want to be when you grow up?
Never asked - - What are your dreams?

Cielo you are beautiful - - if no one has ever told you that…KNOW THAT YOU ARE~ you are magnificent. You can be anything you want. You are special. You are loved. Your eyes are kind~

Don't be sad - - what is it that makes you sad - - are you hurt? The pain you carry I can see it…its found in the blood from your tears. Who has hurt you? I will protect you. Don't cry. You will have all you desire. The pain will eventually go away in time.

What is that on your lap? What's in the box?

She carries a box and holds on to it tight. Cielo is afraid that if he finds out what she carries in that box – he will take it from her.

Is it lonely walking in the world with no one? A girl should never walk alone when she's only in the 4th grade. A lot can happen to a little girl who walks alone. Stripped of your core, your personality hidden, forced to be who you are not.

But why
But why
But why

Why won't they play with me?

She's never been picked for dodge ball, never played hopscotch or jumped rope - - no one to pass notes to - - eating lunch alone.

Why won't he listen to me?

But at least she has her box - - Cielo will go through life gripping her box, never opening it - - she keeps it tucked away until one day - - one day she will break the box and soar.

What's in Cielo's box?
Do you have a box? What's in it?


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