Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Women at War~

Women are complex~ let's face it we are! We are not easy… although we'd like to say and believe that we are (I know that I like to believe that I am NOT CONTROLLING).

We don't always mean what we say. We don't always DO and SAY what we MEAN. We have been known to make things more difficult and complicated than they need to be.

I am thinking about my female relationships. There are women who say that for the most part most of their friends are guys. They can't deal with women. Saying that they believe men to be JUST EASIER to deal with - - "you know what you get when you're with the guys." It is what it is… yeah there are the few that will try and sleep with you but for the most part they're just cool. There's no competition no cattiness, no envy, no jealousy, no gossip. Its just straight talk! They just wanna hang~

Why can't we give it to each other straight?

Then I think about the women in my life who spend a lot of energy and time talking about other women. How other women should live there lives. What they don't like about women. Commenting on how they dress. Sweating the men that date them - - some women are just opinionated about everything. Complaining about how they feel betrayed by women and don't trust them.

I can't say that all my female relationships are rosy… but the ones that are closest to me - - WE know to leave a lot of our crap at the door. But then there are others that I have wanted to scratch their eyes out… (The key word here is I have WANTED to).

SHE fights for power
SHE fights for attention
SHE fights for love
SHE fights for men
SHE fights for confidence
SHE fights for beauty
SHE fights for respect
SHE fights for

Always fighting… but what is this fighting all about?

I had a conversation with a sister/friend last night and she was pretty ticked off at a female friend for not appreciating and honoring the friendship. We hear so often the importance of communication. But I think we hear this only when pertaining to the romantic relationship - - that for a marriage to work communication is key. I would like to think that the same goes for everyone. COMMUNICATION is incredibly important in all our relationships.

Why are some of our female relationships healthy and others poisonous and toxic?

Why are we threatened by other women?
Why are we insecure?
Why are we Jealous?
What are we competing for?
Why aren't women happy for other women who reach a level of success?
What would it take to stop the fighting?
What's our beef?
What would MEN say our problem is?


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