Saturday, January 26, 2008

You didn't say goodbye~

Did I miss something?
Were you trying to tell me something?

You just left
Just like that
You didn't say goodbye
We were partners you and I

I'm sad today
You didn't tell me why
Did I do something to make you mad?

I will miss you dear friend
I'm here
Whenever you wanna talk
Meet me at 113~

Have I hurt you?

You forgot to say goodbye
No note
No call
No text

What happened?
We were in a groove
We were creating together
Literary partners
We hit the words
Heavy, hard and strong

We were moving
Then you merged left
There's a fork in the road
We were learning
Growing together

Maybe this is just where our journey together ends.

If you need me - - you know where to find me at 113~

Courtney's really sad she said you were the smartest woman she ever met - - she loved your mind…she told me she never met anyone like you…her mirror image… a sister to her… you both had a tight connection…she told me that she loved how you would know so much random shit - - a walking Snapple cap.

I've been feeling like maybe you liked me as more than just friends - - but how would I have known... we were playing - - just enjoying each others company… I loved our time together. But then it hit me - - for a long time it was just you and me… you were my partner in crime - - it was you who pushed me… you who supported me - - I enjoyed your company - - we were each others rock… we laughed, we shared, we supported, encouraged, motivated and inspired each other, we respected each others space it was wonderful to not write alone.

Then something happened you stopped coming around. What did I do? I'm starting to realize that maybe your decision has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you. So I respected your request to back off - - believing you would come back when you were ready.

Then today I got a message that you terminated our friendship. I am left with the WHY.

Are you mad at me? Is it about me connecting that way with someone else? Does it have to do with the fact that I have found my reflection of love? Did you want me to see this in you? Did you want me to choose you? I may be completely off - - I might be making up my own story I tend to do this on occasion and yes we are indeed writers I am really sorry to see you leave dear friend. I send you blessings on your journey.

Why do we need everything explained to us?
Should we question everything?
Why do we create and make up our own stories/our own version of what's true?
Who does it serve?


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