Saturday, January 5, 2008

Making the cut~

This is not today’s blog… just today’s thought before I do yoga…

The inner circle~
The people we keep in our inner circle~
The many different circles we run with~
How do we decide who sits in our inner circle~

I had a conversation with 4 women who I will call PURE LOVE~

pure love

See these women don’t even know me but I feel deep connections with them~
They love me sight unseen~
They love me flaws and all~
They want nothing from me but what I am willing to share~

We discussed how we pick our inner circle~

And in this way we all have pretty amazing thoughts on the matter~

But with our differing thoughts it all came down to ONE thing as the deciding factor~

Do you come in LOVE~

I guess this morning I woke up feeling that I am less concerned with having an EXCLUSIVE inner circle with only the SELECT few who make the cut like those people I have known my entire life who are automatically IN because we share a bloodline~

I have met people recently that I love deeply~
I love them for who they are~

While I do have a small circle of people I go to FIRST~
I am more inclined these days to have a circle of LOVE~
And if you come with that intention~
Then ALL are welcome~


To the four women~
Thank you for the LOVE you share with me~


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