Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Seduction~

YOU took me~
YOU had your way with me~
Whispering succulence into my ear…
YOU did things…
You made me want to…
By the water and WAIT
For the sun to set~

I'm left with my thoughts…

Your greatest conquest and obsession ~
I the accused intruder~
Wanting to be the girl in the dream~
But I'm no dream come true~
A part of me still fears you…

You're seducing me~
With your words~
Luring me~
Taking me~
Pleasing me~
And I succumb~

If I allowed you
to have me
in that way…
Then what?
Am I yours?
SEE… me…
I don't give it up to anyone just like that~

YES – do tell me what I wanna hear~
The words…you know I LOVE WORDS~
My feet are firmly planted~
But your words~
The words…
Entrance… arouse…
Rise in me…
This sense of uncertainty~

Questioning la verdad~
Quien eres tu?
Passion – that's what I'll call you~
What do you want from me?

Whisper those sweet nothings
Take from me those things that make me…

The words make me want to open myself up
That's it right there…
My soul~

Like I said I don't know you~
But I know words~
LOVE will know…
How to win my heart~
The right words~

But those words alone~
Can't sustain me~
They'll never obtain me~
The pleasure I seek is deeper than a hands touch…
There's a spot~
That spot…where few know how to receive me~
Reserved for ONE~


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