Friday, January 18, 2008

Does VOICE matter?

I was thinking about the people we meet. Scratch that - - I was thinking about the people we meet that we want to pursue or be pursued by. I met someone that I am getting to know~ YES I know that everyone can tell that I'm going through some changes right now… and its NOYB…

My writing has never been better or more fun

Let's focus on one thing at a time. THE VOICE…

I was thinking about the kinds of people I have gotten involved with and I jumped to - - CAN I IMAGINE SPENDING MY LIFE WITH THIS PERSON AND WAKING UP TO THEIR VOICE EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE???

Would you sing to me?
Would you whisper secrets to me in the middle of the night?

To me a voice is very important… it reveals to me if someone is shy or outgoing. Whether a person is passionate or NOT at all… full of life or miserable…is the person authentic or a con… I won't discount you as a person but if your voice makes me wanna wear ear plugs that may not work for me~

The Sound of Your Voice~
Your voice tells me many things~
There's a gentleness and calm
It reveals
The way you love
The softness in your tone
Its willingness
To please

Your voice is
A song

I can hear
How deeply
You would love me
If I let you
I feel it

Your voice reveals
Truth and intent
Your breath is my inhale
A romance

We were on a date last night

But you didn't kiss me
I still felt it
It was soft - - just a tap
I'm left wanting
To know

I'm under
A welcomed spell
Your voice~

How important is someone's voice to you - - in determining whether they are someone you want to wake up with? Does voice matter?


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