Monday, January 14, 2008


"Most of us remain strangers to ourselves, hiding who we are, and ask other strangers, hiding who they are, to love us."
– Leo Buscaglia

The words we have been dying to hear:

I never get tired of talking about love~

Why is it that people don't like public displays of affection?

Why do we get annoyed when we see the teen couple making out on the street? Do we even consider that maybe it's because they have no where else to go - - since they can't go HOME because the grownups are there. Why do we care that they are showing LOVE to one another?

What does that REAL LOVE feel like?

Being in love is~

Cant' eat
Can't sleep
All the senses heightened

It's ALL you can ever think about
It's ALL you WANT to think about

LOVE is the first person we think about when we wake up
And the last thought before we sleep

It's the days filled with text messages - - or back in the day… upside down beeper messages with 50538 ALL DAY EVERYDAY – those messages that let you know I'm thinking about you - - I miss you… wasn't there a code for I love you… I can't remember J

The state of being in love can be ALL consuming~

It feels
It feels
It feels



Its butterflies in my stomach~
It's a love that is all I can think about~
It's a love that makes me stop living~
It's a love that makes crazy with passion~
It's a love that makes me drop all my projects to fantasize about US~
It's the kinda love that makes me put YOU first~
It's the kinda love that WHAT - - makes ME put me second - - I don't think so…

NOT TODAY! That's not the kinda of IN LOVE I want to be in.

There is nothing (LOVE) can be compared to it's the best feeling state~ I LOVE THE IDEA OF LOVE~

It's better than any high
It's better than any sweets
It's better than any emotion I have ever experienced (well there's one that's a close second) and NO you probably can't guess it.

BUT LOVE… LOVE … oh how I love being one with LOVE~

Its that ageless love… that's that REAL LOVE… it's the older couple I see dancing in central park smiling at one another - - and me just sitting there in awe of them wondering just how long they have been living their love story.

In a section I read called: "Lasting Love Is Not a Test Of Endurance"

"When we are able to appreciate ALL THE THINGS which brought us TOGHETHER, and deepen that appreciation over the years, we stay together. Such a relationship is one of life's great success stories. That's the good news. The bad news for some people is that SUCCESS requires effort. Healthy bonds NEED maintenance if they are to remain healthy; obstacles must be overcome or taken in stride. WE MUST take into consideration the pretenses and defenses that threaten LOVE. For our part, we should WELCOME THE MYSTERY, enthusiasm and CHALLENGE which will make us lovers for a lifetime."

I love that line… welcome the mystery… I AM A MYSTERY…IN LOVE we often move too fast… we want love sooooo quick… patience is very necessary… and this kind of love (that GOOD LOVE) requires time…this is the kind of love I want and NEED – this is the LOVE THAT LASTS.

Isn't it amazing that when we ARE IN THAT KIND OF LOVE that "IN LOVE" feeling - - what we FEEL and how we SEE the world and everyone around us seems to be through clear eyes and a completely open heart FREE OF FEARS – free of cares… when we are in this state… the state of being IN LOVE there is NOTHING BETTA – no one else matters – nothing else exists~



I sit with those words ALICIA NEEDS TO BE IN LOVE… and I can't help but remember the MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY moments of LOVE I have experienced in my life. I don't know very many people who have had the kinda love I HAVE HAD~ and I have LOVED LOVED LOVED every moment of being IN LOVE, having love, sharing love and giving my love and I am looking forward to giving it again~

Me needing to be in love… I don't NEED to be in love… I look forward to being in love with the ONE being prepared for me. I want to feel the levels of love that extend further than the initial feeling of falling for the first time… I want it to last longer than even the highest sense of being in love~ to extend further and further than ANYTHING I CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE~ the object of MY affection in my eyes will be PURE PERFECTION~ the kind of IN LOVE I am talking about has no definition… HAS NO WORDS~ but it IS DEEP and it is COMING~

I need a man who doesn't tell me what I NEED - - he simply gives it me… because that is how HE LOVES ME~


What I want is that WE~

From the section: When LOVE is postponed for another day~

"Some things should never be put off. A child who comes running to us for a hug or lavish exclamations of praise NEEDS it now, not at our convenience. A friend who requires a shoulder to cry on can't wait for a more opportune time. A lover who needs reassurance shouldn't be put off for any reason. LOVE is a commitment that assures we will be there when needed. The feeling that there might be a more convenient time to love has caused many people a lifetime of regret. There can be no atonement for moments when our LOVE was necessary and we left them unfulfilled."

One who lets slip by the opportunity to serve another misses one of the richest experiences life has to offer. – Pali Text

If you LOVE SOMEONE let them know~ don't wait…

There will be the MOMENT WHEN I KNOW THAT I AM IN-LOVE… because there will never EVER be that sense of falling out… it will be about falling DEEPER, growing further, learning together, lasting longer, and growing stronger~

So to LOVE I respond you are right about me needing to be IN LOVE but not in the way YOU think… I NEED to share my LOVE… and I AM IN LOVE~ I AM LOVE~

In the section: Love is nourished by optimism~

"Love doesn't insist upon perfection, and neither should we. Love thrives in a positive view of self, life and our world. When we keep our focus upon constructive images that enrich relationships, we are less limited by our past and more encouraged but the present. Experience shows that we tend to actualize dreams if we truly want them to happen. Lovers learn not to just hope for the better, they strive to make it happen."

How will I know that I have found THE ONE?

I will KNOW that I have found TRUE LOVE when I wake with you every day for the rest of my days…

And I read: Never Tire of Saying I LOVE YOU~ this part I love…

"We should never tire of expressing love, for certainly we never tire of hearing it expressed. Strange how simple it is for us to use these words with inanimate objects. We feel safe in loving our car, a new coat… but we have grave difficulties verbalizing our love for other human beings, even those closest to us. The message, "I love you," is not something that goes without saying. To the contrary, it NEEDS to be said whenever and wherever love is present."

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. Mother Theresa

When I am IN LOVE - - the one for me will never tire of telling me he loves me - - he isn't saying it because I NEED to hear it constantly - - he tells me he loves me because he loves to say it and NEEDS to say it…

Quotes are from Born for love, Reflections on LOVING, by Leo Buscaglia

Have you ever fallen in love?
Do you know what this feels like?
Do we get annoyed when we see happy couples hugging on the train platform?


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