Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chapter 16: Karma's a bitch~


September 10, 2006

There are consequences for every choice we make. After that intense summer finally ended I was in desperate need of healing. I needed to correct things. I needed to find my way back to me. I returned to my practice, yoga, morning pages, daily meditations and purchased more self help books. The Dancer was harassing me every single day. He would not stop calling me. I wanted to crawl into a shell and die. Karma’s a bitch! Karma implies that your actions determine your destiny. You reap what you sow. I will pay for it either in this life or in reincarnation. So for every fucked up thing I had done I believed I was being punished.

It was your freshman year of high school. I had been working at Businessweek only a few months. We were just getting back into our groove. You and I were at the hair salon when we got the call. I was in the middle of getting my hair washed when my cell rang.


Four months earlier~ May 20, 2006

Although my relationship with Gabriel was over I still was going through with my plans. Part of that plan was to meet Senator Barack Obama. We had only $500.00 to our name. I used every cent to get us to DC. I paid for our Amtrak tickets, we stayed at the Marriott Hotel, and we even had dinner at Ruth’s Chris. We went all out. We arrived to DC and immediately I took you to the pool. When we got back to our room I told you that I needed to prepare for my interview with Obama. I didn’t actually have an interview with him but I was going to try and get one.

The family was so upset with me for choosing to go to DC than attend Diamondz wedding. It was not an easy decision for me to make. I wanted to be at his wedding. I also wanted to make my dreams come true. We were so excited about this trip. The next day we would be attending a private “breakfast with the authors,” in a banquet hall at the convention center. Our tickets were $96 bucks each. Once there, we took our seats and waited with the hundreds of other people in attendance. My plan was simple, at the end of the book reading I would get in line and hand Obama an envelope with a formal request for an interview, as well as, a copy of the questions I would be asking. I was ready.

The event began. The applause stopped. They announce Senator Barack Obama to the podium to deliver the keynote address. He spoke for a few minutes and read an excerpt from his new book, Audacity of Hope. Once he was done, he said, “Thank you everyone. Enjoy the rest of your day.” Then he exited stage left. My mouth dropped, we weren’t sure if he left or just stepped outside to go to the bathroom. I looked at you in complete shock, “Baby, I think he left.” Even you said, “WHAT?” I sat there for a minute; my mind was all over the place. I was racing through everything I had done to prepare for this moment and in disbelief I asked myself, did he just leave?

I didn’t know what to do. My eyes got watery quick. I was so upset. I had NO interest in listening to any of the other authors that were there. I sat there in complete panic. Then a voice whispered to me… GET UP! Get up right now! Get up and walk out that door!

I gathered our things. All the free books, even our breakfast and said to you lets go. You were mortified. You knew that exiting like that would be completely disruptive and everyone would look at us. You were so embarrassed. “Mommy, we can’t leave. We have to stay. It would be rude.”

I looked at you and said, “I don’t give a shit. We did not come all the way for nothing. I used every cent we had. Even if I have to run up and down the streets of Washington. I am not leaving here without speaking to Barack Obama!”
We headed to the front of the banquet hall and exited from the same door Obama walked out of. As soon as we opened the door… there he was.

He was standing right there. There he was, Barack Obama and only a few other people. I just froze… you looked at me, smiled and said, “Alright momma, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Here is your chance… are you ready?”


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