Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chapter 37: Everyday I am EXPANDING~


In the Alchemist, Paulo Coelho writes that there will be a point where we will want to give up on following our personal legend. There will be a point where it will be incredibly grueling, difficult, painful, unbearable and just plain HARD. These are the moments where we must believe. IT IS hard work and at that the exact moment when it hurts you press on. You’ve got two choices. You can do what you’ve always done and get the same results or take a risk and say fuck it, I’m gonna try it anyway and actually DO something NEW. Try something different. Go for it. FINISH IT and PRESS ON. PUSH YOURSELF. KEEP WALKING!

We get so used to doing what feels SAFE. We do what’s familiar. We do what we know. We do what people are used to us doing. We do the same thing everyday. When we do this we miss an important lesson. We miss out on NEWNESS of EVERY—DAY. We miss out on the moments that are meant to shape and transform us.

I am allowing my life to UNFOLD into what IT will become and not what I force it to become. The greatest understanding and gain for me, is that I know exactly what I came here to do. I feel myself changing. Today I started to think about my life and all the ways I’ve changed in the past 40 years. I went back to the days where I constantly needed to SEE proof that change was happening.

In my past I believed that I needed validation and recognition for the changes that were happening in me. I was always looking and desperately searching for that someone to come into my life and tell me how proud they were of me. But today I feel different. I am different person. I could spend MY LIFE resenting the people who fed me words that poisoned me trying to prove to them—who I AM. Or I can simply just be me and not worry about them.

I am no longer waiting for those people to tell me they SEE ME.

People are funny… they say they want the best for you. Some people get comfortable with the mediocrity of things. When we start to show THEM something different. When we start growing. When we get better. When those things that they believed about us are no longer the truth of who we are. When we stop accepting mediocrity people tend to become a tad bit uncomfortable and resentful about “THIS NEW CHANGE.” Some people WON’T like it. Our changes will make people uncomfortable because it’s like HOLDING A MIRROR UP and PEOPLE ARE RESISTANT. We are afraid to see who we really are. Today I look at my life and I notice the change in me. It’s a good change. I am in NO way perfect. I still mess up. But everyday I am expanding.


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