Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Returning to who we really are~

“We don’t reach the light by endless analysis of the dark. We reach the light by choosing the light. Light means understanding. Through understanding we are healed.”

Today I am reading about forgiveness and changing our minds. CHANGE!!!

At any moment we have the power to change the direction of our lives. It sounds simple… almost like a bunch of bullshit. But it’s true. At any moment we have the power to alter our perception of our lives. If you are hurting and you can’t take the pain anymore something in you will either send messages throughout your body saying OK… basta… enough is enough we are done with this… this isn’t working its time to move on. Or you will stay in the pain until it kills you. And in the moment that questioning thought enters your body change has happened.

Freedom is an amazing place to stand in. Standing in your freedom to choose… to be who are meant to be… to do what you are meant to do. Freedom to change at any moment is liberating and refreshing. Gives me hope that things don’t have stay the same.


When you are changing~

When you are becoming someone who takes your SELF seriously it is inevitable that you will and MUST drop people. They will not accept the new you. They are not where you’re at. They are so used to the old you that they can’t stand the new you.

The people who are about growth and evolution will support you in moving forward... the people who are threatened by that growth with try and step on you and this is when we must let them go. The worst part about it is that even those who love us—want us to stay the same. When we start changing they’re forced to look at themselves. And if they’re not ready for that kind of growth... then there is nothing we can do but keep moving.

The relationship section of this book is incredibly long. Marianne is covering so many areas. She is calling me to sit through the discomfort today and feel things. And I AM feeling things. The change I am feeling in me has more to do with how I see my relationships… encouraging me to face fear and move through it. I am exploring the things I thought people were doing to me that I was in fact doing to myself.

Today I am worrying less about what others have done to me.

Today I am working on my own healing.

“Actual change occurs because of a decision on our part: the decision to heal, the decision to change. It ultimately doesn’t matter so much why I become angry or defensive. What matters is that I decide I want to be healed, and I ask God to help me. Like an actor reading lines from a script, I can choose a new response to life, a new reading.”

Everyday is an opportunity to begin again. At any moment we can ask the universe for a miracle and trust that it will arrive.

“… with the correction of our perceptions, we are returned to who we really are. Our true, purely loving self can never be uncreated. All illusions will be undone. Although, experiences such as childhood trauma can lead us to deviate from our true nature, the truth itself is held in trust for us… until we choose to return.”

I affirm: Today I ask to be healed. Today I am returning to who I really am.

Quotes are from: A Return to Love, Reflections on the Principles Of a Course in Miracles, by Marianne Williamson

Peace, light and LOVE~


Nancy Ruffin said...

This post reminds me of a quote that I read the other day "until the pain of the same is greater than the pain of change that is when one will embrace change"...and it is so true. Not everyone arrives at the point of change at the same time. Some have less tolerance for pain while others seem as if they can't function without it. However, once that pain becomes so unbearable that is when change happens. That is when we start to really look at ourselves and ask "what am I doing?" "Why do I continue to deal with this?" It's almost as if a light has been turned on inside us that allows us to really see. Sometimes when you're in darkness for so long you adjust to it. Change is about breaking free from that. Thank you for this post and for the daily affirmation.

Mia's Creative Closet said...

Namaste Sister,

Thank yu for this wonderful post. Your affirmation comes at such a perfect moment in my life... this blog post grabs at my being and sings my song of my NOW moment... if you can understand that? this is exactly where i am... growing, evolving, learning, exploring, releasing, healing and forgiving. I just love dropping by your page for a breath of fresh air, a seep of reality, a true feeling of life, experience and honesty.

YOU are an amazing woman, mother, friend GODDESS... Thank you for your energy, love and support. Your values have the same condiments as mine and i get you.

Pa'Lante, Mia

Alicia Anabel said...

Nancy, MIA~ you both see me... our story is one... for that I LOVE YOU~ Ache~