Monday, October 1, 2012

Meditation 26: Go Before Me~ Day 10

Day 10: 40 Days~
"Good is at the root of everything, regardless of its seeming absence. But this good must be recognized. Since there is but one Spirit and this Spirit is in you and in everything, then everywhere you go you will meet this Spirit. You meet this Spirit in people, in places and in things. There is a Divine Essence permeating everything, flowing through everything, becoming all things. This one Spirit, which manifests Itself in and through all, including yourself, automatically adjusts parts to the whole. Therefore, you may accept with positive certainty that the Spirit with you goes go before you and prepares your way." ~ Ernest Holmes

Go before me~
Spirit goes before me and prepares my way.
Go before me~ this is my meditation…
Spirit goes before me and prepares my way.
Today I am meditating on being led… this force that guides me… this source that nourishes me and goes before me. I am filling myself with Spirit or several spirits that I know are paving the way with for me. Ogun, one of my guardian angels, with his machete paving the way… clearing my path and guiding me in all aspects of my life. Then there is Elewa who opens and closes paths for me… clearing and removing those things that do not serve me, while at the same time testing me to see what I have learned along the way, a source that will give me the exact same experience over and over again until I get it right.
I have always believed that there is something that is guiding me, leading me and clearing the path for me… algo que intercede por mi…  a Spirit that works in alignment with me… a spirit that goes before me… one that gets there before I even arrive as protection and guidance as I move forward and enter. This idea of Spiritual Guides, Ancestral Ties, Guardian Angels, Goddesses, Gods, Jesus Cristo, Buddha, Allah, Yemaya, Ogun, Oya, Ochun, Laksmi, Saraswati, Kali, Source, Force… the Universe… so many ways to name the spiritual guides we turn to for peace and guidance… religions we practice to lead lives in hopes of clearing the path, readying us and making room for the things that we want and praying away the things we do not want.

Go before me… and light the way.
Go before me… I will trust the journey.
Go before me… I AM open.
Go before me… and lead the way.
Go before me… I am at peace.
As I begin today this is what I am thinking about… the many ways I am being led. I am being prepared for something HUGE. I am being prepared in this moment for what I am here to do. The way… is being paved and prepared for me. There are those who do not believe in a guiding forces or a higher plan. Rejecting the idea that there is this puppet master behind some curtain making everything happen. I am one of those people who actually DO BELIEVE in a higher plan. I believe that there is something larger in store for me. I believe that what I have planned for my life is nothing compared to the plan that my creator has in store for me. I believe that what you have planned is nothing compared to what is being planned for you. I believe a way is being paved for you and I in this moment to live this higher plan everyday.
And so it is.

There is always work to do… y como hija de Ogun que soy… no voy descansar.

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