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Meditation 53: Temple of My Soul~ Day 36

A certain nobleman went into a far country, to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return. –Luke 19:12 (This is the opening quote in Paulo Coelho’s, Aleph)
Last night I finished reading Aleph, a wonderfully beautiful book about how one must go in search for their kingdom… searching for the Aleph… in the people, places, and experiences where all the answers lie.
“What am I doing here, trying to make my way in a spiritual tradition whose roots are in the remote past, far from all the challenges of the present moment?” ~ Aleph
“Whenever J. teaches me something new, I think that perhaps this will be the last step required to reach the top of the mountain, the note that justifies a whole symphony, the word that sums up an entire book.” ~ Aleph
While reading I came across the above quotes and what resonated with me is this idea of spiritual practice and rituals and how often I have come to a place where I have felt like I am in a good space and stopped my practice, forgetting all I have learned until the next issue arises that brings on discomfort. And then I start the search again for the Aleph.
“I’m going to tell you what you feel,” J. says. “You feel that nothing you have learned has put down roots, that while you’re capable of entering the magical universe, you cannot remain submerged in it.” ~Aleph
Over the past fifty-three days I have been submerged in it… on this search…on this quest… studying, incorporating, and living. What’s interesting about that last quote is this idea of how all that I have learned in the past has not put down roots. This is what the 40-Day Fast has been for a me. This practice, this ritual, this process has been a way for me to put down roots and incorporate all that I have been learning to daily living—daily being.
“Because by performing apparently absurd rituals, you get in touch with something deep in your soul, in the oldest part of yourself, the part closest to the origin of everything.” ~ Aleph
“Stop repeating the same lesson, because you won’t learn anything new that way.” ~Aleph
The oldest parts of yourself… the part closest to everything… MY SOUL!
Journey of the Soul~
Journey into the Soul~
Sharing of Souls~
Giving of our Souls~
We were dancing when I said to her, “Mi cuerpo es un templo! Mi cuerpo yo no se lo doy a cualquiera!” My body is a temple! I do not give my body to just anyone!
She laughed, “Oh si!!! Is that right? Your body is a temple?”
That entire evening she tried to convince me to bring her back to my hotel room and accept a massage. And I did bring her back to my room so that I could show her pictures of my lover and family and because I didn’t want the evening to end.
I was very serious about my body being a temple. Although my ex-girlfriend believed I was sleeping with numerous people during my travels throughout Latin America, I never cheated once. Perhaps in my mind but never with my body.
I decided long ago that I would never give my body to anyone in a way that dishonors who I am. That all intimacy that I would experience I would experience it on the highest and purest of levels. I know for myself that my body is MINE, my Soul is SACRED and that Sex for me is a SPIRTUAL act.
Excerpt: Finding Your Force & I WAS BORN
That first time…
was a spiritual experience.
She said our first time - - -
felt like HER FIRST TIME…
que se sentia como un amor virgen…
A Virgin LOVE…
That moment… ese momento…
when we gave our bodies to each other…
felt like the first time…
the first time we trusted…
we chose each other…
we surrendered completely… to one another…
un amor PURO…
This natural love
This innocent love…
Al principio… we were scared to touch each other… neither one of us wanted to make the first move… cautious… because this moment was SACRED… there was a moment we questioned… but we released all of that. 
When we first touched… cuando ella me toco… the moment we locked eyes… ese primer beso… that first kiss… when we held hands… her touch… the connection was incredibly intense and immediate. When we made love… our UNION… bodies connecting… breasts touching… her scent… her skin… her neck, our legs intertwined, our sweat… our hearts beating at the SAME TIME… the earth underneath shifted just a little bit. It shifted into place… all was right… perfection… this was RIGHT~ she said she was COMPLETE~ we both knew that this was REAL~
When love begins… its beautiful
When love begins… its light
When love begins… it’s a fairytale
When love begins… past loves no longer exist
But virgin love…
Aaahhhh virgin love…
This love is…
Pure love
Innocent love
Unquestioning love
Trusting love
True love
Real love
Full of passion kind of love
Not caught up in the bullshit love
Lasting love
It’s you and me love…
Untainted love
Loving you freely LOVE
Without conditions love
I feel you inside me…
te siento por dentro de mi…
in a way I have never felt anyone LOVE
You the mirror image of me LOVE~
when one gives themselves over
QUE UNO SE ENTREGA por completo~
and becomes ONE~
now that’s LOVE~
© Copyrighted, I WAS BORN by Alicia Anabel Santos 2012

Several weeks ago I was walking with a beautiful spirit sister who reminded me about the importance of protecting ones Soul. She went on to tell me that with every person we have intimacy with we give them a part of our Soul. That in sleeping with someone there is an energy being transferred and we are giving part of us away.
Giving someone a part of our Soul.
I am allowing myself to sit with this for a moment.
Today, I will know for you and for me… that our SOULS are sacred… and we are all ONE.           
Today, I will know that my body is a temple.
Today, I will know that lovemaking is a Spiritual act
Today, I am in union with me and deeply in-love.
And so it is~

© Copyrighted Alicia Anabel Santos 2012

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