Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meditation 29: Sit Back and Watch~ Day 13

Day 13: 40 Days~
Good morning day~ today I have a wonderful opportunity to present at St. Josephs College in Brooklyn this afternoon at 12:30pm—for this I am so very grateful. I am grateful for the amazing opportunities that are rising for me right now. This is why I am sitting here in gratitude. There is so much to be grateful. So much. Thank you Creator for every blessing being bestowed upon me right now. Thank you for every blessing that I haven’t even seen yet. I am so grateful. 

Event Location: 245 Clinton Ave. Brooklyn, NYC

I am thinking about men in this moment. Why don’t I allow them to participate in the Writers Workshops I facilitate? The first thing that came to mind is that the dynamic changes… when you include men some women get uncomfortable… some women are less likely to be authentic in their writing… they hold back afraid to share their stories. And my priority is to always ensure that women feel safe. I would definitely love to facilitate something for men… I have something in mind… more details to follow…
Breathe Alicia, let your mind rest…
There is time to create…
Stay here in gratitude…
Stay with this feeling…
This is the place to be…
I am being called re-enter the world—connect more.
I intend to connect more with people, read other peoples work, hear about their experiences… this is what I am dedicating myself to over the next few weeks in meditation… connecting. I have been in my head for far too long.
Today, I renter the world… this is my meditation this morning… rejoin the world… there are beautiful things happening… so much creativity… so many discoveries to be made… encourage someone today! Give of my time, money and resources.  And so it is~ Aché
Today, I bear witness to the beauty that is life.
Today, I will make someone’s day!
Today and everyday, I watch in amazement and my life is unfolding beautifully.
Today I rise with excitement that a new day is unfolding… and I sit back and watch as the universe reveals the miracles.
“Each morning we should awaken with eagerness to watch the new day unfolding and revealing each hour new joys and victories. In every situation of our daily experience, let us learn to stand back of ourselves and see God at work.” The Infinite Way by Joel Goldsmith

Most of my inspiration for the show came from those women I admired and considered role models. The stories that affected me the most were about women who used their adversity to strengthen their soul, their spirits and the spirits of others. I love stories that teach us how to pull ourselves out of darkness. I’ve always been interested in learning about women who are constantly evolving, expanding, transforming and reinventing themselves while bringing other women forward with them. These are the stories that inspire me. While I was writing an episode I couldn’t help but think of the many ways women have been abused and continue to be abused. The stories I wrote for the show were about brave women. At the time I didn’t realize that what I was writing about was starting to change me. That the women I was writing about in many ways were all me. The people who inspired me most were who I was becoming. I started to think about women who speak against those who try to oppress them and saw myself in them. I was inspired by these women who defeated odds and stood tall, those who gave or lost their lives in hopes of freeing others and themselves. This is where my writing was headed. I wanted to be a voice for these women. I wanted to write about the things that we as women have in common. I wanted to show the strength that could be found after abuse. I wanted to show that there was life after abuse. I wanted to show that I was destined to heal. ~ Finding Your Force~

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