Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meditation 37: Lesson Learned~ Day 20

Day 20: 40 Days~
After spending a few hours this morning feeling disappointed. I decided to sit with the feelings. Why was this happening to me? Why was this being taken from me?
“When thoughts of fear assail, statements of faith will counteract their action. When thoughts of unhappiness well up from within, thoughts of happiness and joy will transmute them through the alchemy of Spirit. First of all you must arrive at peace of mind. It is only on the basis of peace that you can persist with absolute certainty. Peace alone gives poise. There is an intuition within you which already knows that you are one with good, that your destiny is certain, and you must listen to this intuition for it is the voice of God in you.” This Thing Called You
A moment is all I gave the emotion. Perhaps something was happening for me? Perhaps something was aligning in the universe that was for my highest good. Maybe a gift was what was being given to me disguised as this disappointment.
When I woke up today I noticed that my dreams were all over place. There were two very powerful people who showed up in my dreams this morning… she told me that she wanted me to give her my hand and asked me to bring her forward. He told me that he and I are solid! He told me that I have nothing to fear.
I have nothing to fear.
I replayed the events of this morning for myself in order to make sense of what I was being called to see. My intuition was sending me all kinds of messages. I was being warned. I was receiving information that I almost ignored. When I left the house today something felt off. There was something I was feeling in the cool breeze. I arrived to the (A) train platform and the morning rush hour was filled with people who weren’t particularly happy about wherever they were headed this morning—their faces held stories of frustration, unfulfilled dreams, resentment and anger.
However, I was in a good mood—a great mood, because I was getting ready to do what I LOVE. I would be visiting another college and share some of the wonderful experiences I have been blessed with. Then I started to feel something on the train, besides the fact that it was taking forever to reach Penn Station for my trip to Long Island. I decided to listen to my intuition. I stopped! I proceeded with caution! I listened to Spirit!
I have nothing to fear.
I decided to pull myself out of the mood I was in and asked myself: Alicia, what is it that you want to experience today?
I responded: Abundance, many opportunities to grow and financial opportunities. I want to experience abundant flow on a consistent basis. Everyday I want to be able to share my resources with others. I am holding onto my peace today and I release all fear.
“Spiritual consciousness lifts us above every human form of limitation and permits us to enter a larger sense of life, health, and freedom. Where there is spiritual consciousness, there is no bondage to person, place, or thing, and there are no limitations to our accomplishments.” The Infinite Way
I am Unlimited… what is being prepared for me is bigger than my eyes can see…
This is why I was called to experience sadness today so that I could have an opportunity to transform it into excitement.
I choose to stand in the knowledge that everything that is intended for me will be mine.
I never have to worry.
I am unlimited.
I do not lack anything.
I am always provided for.
For this knowing I am so grateful.
“Your hope lies in the fact that you can change these patterns. Perhaps not in a moment or a day, or a month or a year, but you can change them. This is not a process of merely making affirmations or holding thoughts, it is a process of the gradual re-education of your whole mental reaction.  It is a process of following the intuition back to the pattern, of feeling it, accepting it and acting as though it were there.” This Thing Called You~
And so it is~

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