Friday, October 12, 2012

Meditation 38: There is Power in Patience~ Day 21

Day 21: 40 Days~
“I am going to reflect right back to you with exactness what you really are. If you don’t like what is happening, I am not going to be disturbed. You are the arbiter of your fate. You are the captain of your soul.” This Thing Called You~
“Do not delay your good by thinking that you have so much evil to overcome.” Ernest Holmes
In my prayers today I heard two things… “Patience” and “It can’t be forced”.
A lot of times I have asked for the same things in prayer over and over again. Today I asked for patience. I asked for the patience to simply sit back and allow for it all to unfold. Why am I holding on to things that really don’t serve me? I’ve been holding on to some things for way too long… living a more fluid life is what I meditated on this morning… living the natural order of things… and expecting favorable results…
I woke up today dreaming about another powerful woman in my life. We were at some sort of spiritual gathering. I was wearing white… but it was a towel that I was covering myself with. I was completely naked and in this very public space. She told me that I have been missed. She asked me where I have been. She asked me about my ex. She asked me what I was recovering from. She wanted to know what I was healing from. I believe she thought I was stuck. It felt like she was looking for some kind of confirmation that the fact that I’ve been missing in action must mean that I am somehow in pain.
I responded: Actually, I’ve never been better. I am filled with so much peace right now. There is nothing wrong with my life. Everything is perfectly right!
That’s a powerful affirmation this morning.
That’s a powerful and wonderfully beautiful truth.
I AM… in peace!
I am in a peaceful place with ME!
She told me that I should come out of hiding. I told her that I wasn’t hiding and that I really do feel at peace. That’s where I’ve been. I have been sitting in and spending time with peace. She mentioned to me that she was looking for a playwright for a story she wanted to produce… a powerful story about womyn. I told her that I have already written that story. She asked me to send her the manuscript that she would give it to someone.
My dawn is breaking~
It’s a clear day~
This work… my writing… my spiritual practice and journey… this Soul search… this Spirit connection… is a life process.  A process of love and forgiveness.
“Love is givingness; love is also forgivingness. There is a law of cause and effect, which automatically compels man to reap as she/he sows. The day she/he ceases to sow error she/he will reap truth. When she/he stops sowing hate she/he will reap love. When she/he stops sowing unforgivingness she/he will be forgiven. When she/he stops sowing fear she/he will reap faith.
The kingdom… and all its wonder and beauty, exists eternally, changelessly, waiting your recognition.” This Thing Called You~ Ernest Holmes
Coming back to this dream… there is so much I can take away from it… there are several messages but I want to spend some time with this POWERFUL PLAY that she asked me about. This story about POWERFUL WOMYN~
I wrote a play in 2010 titled: I WAS BORN! This story is about seven incredibly brilliant womyn that a journalist (LIA) meets in Latin America. LIA is really ALICIA… me. One of the things that happened as I held readings and workshops for the play was that everyone really had a clear picture of who the seven womyn are… they knew Mara, Isabella (Bella), Mari, Priscilla, Milagros, Caya and Clara. The stories that I wrote for each of those beautiful womyn were easy to complete because their stories honor who they are.
The story of Lia was not so easy because I hadn’t yet honored who I AM! There was still the story of LIA to write. There was still the story of Alicia to write. Which is why I took a break from the play and wrote Finding Your Force A Journey to Love. I needed to separate myself from the need to tell other womyn’s stories and really write the most important story of my life—the story of ME! There were things I needed to understand and learn before completing I WAS BORN! ALICIA needed to be BORN! And so it is with so much pride and joy that I affirm this morning that I WAS BORN!
There truly is power in patience…
I am allowing for all that is unfolding to unfold in due time…
I am not forcing anything…
I am not in a rush…
This is where I stand today.
My prayers are recognition of this truth as I AFFIRM:
I know that my prayers are always answered before I even ask.
I am patient.
I am kind.
I am loving.
I stand in the knowing that Presence goes ahead of me to prepare the way and blesses all those who follow.
I place all my thoughts, words, and dreams in the hands of all that is good, of all that is love, of all that is peace with complete confidence that it has already been manifested.
Today, I know that I am guided.
Today, I know that I am protected.
Today, I allow myself to be led.
Today, I WAS BORN and that is a beautiful thing!
And so it is~


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