Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Meditation 28: Allow people to take care of themselves~ Day 12

Day 12~ 40 Days~
Good morning day~
Today I am meditating on the words: Allow people to take care of themselves~
I am feeling like I have hurt her. Today that is the very first thought on my mind. That perhaps I have hurt her and I should somehow reach out to make it all better. What kept coming up for me in meditation was that I must allow for people to take care of themselves. I can’t come in and fix it for them. I can’t come in and save the day. Like I always do.
She appeared to me in my dreams last night. There was a girl looking for spiritual healing… for spiritual guidance. She took my suggestion of attending a healing center. She wanted me to go with her… I told her to go ahead. I stayed behind. In my dream she wanted to learn my spiritual practice. She wanted me to teach her how to find IT. She was desperately searching for it.
As I come out of this dream I return to this reoccurring reminder in my life: I must allow for people to take care of themselves. I can’t fix this. This is their journey towards healing. They will figure it out. They will find it. They are exactly like me on a search for their HEALING CENTER!
The key is discovering the location.
“Your endeavor, then, is not so much to find God as it is to realize His Presence and to understand that this Presence is always with you. Nothing can be nearer to you than that which is the very essence of your being. Your outward search for God culminates in the greatest of all possible discoveries—the finding of Him at the center of your own being. Life flows up from within you.” ~ This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes
“I know that my search is over.
I am awake to the realization of this Presence.
Knowing that the Divine Presence is in everyone I meet, the Spirit in all people, I salute the good in everything.” ~ This Thing Called You
In my reading today I came across this excerpt on UNFOLDMENT:
“The next step in unfoldment is the realization that as the individualization of Consciousness, we embody with our own Consciousness… We measure our spiritual unfoldment by watching whether or not we are trying to improve the physical scene.  … any attempt to heal, change, or correct the physical universe is evidence that we have not developed sufficient spiritual consciousness.” ~ The Infinite Way by Joel S. Goldsmith
Today I move towards my unfoldment knowing that I am not here to fix or save anyone of anything. We each have access to the source that aids us in unfolding into our greatest selves.
This is something that I must constantly remind myself… that what I may perceive as helping someone attain… is really taking their blessings from them.
“In healing work, we must turn from the structural universe which we see. We must remember that we are not called upon to heal it, change it, alter it, correct it, or save it. We often suffer disappointment when some people fail to live up to the picture we have formed of them.” The Infinite Way by Joel S. Goldsmith
Today, I release the ideas of you that I have formed to suit me.
Today, I accept you as you are.
Today, I see you as a reflection of me on this journey towards Consciousness.
Today, I celebrate your goodness and see the goodness in me.
Today, I trust that I am always guided and constantly unfolding.
And so it is~

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