Friday, October 5, 2012

Meditation 30: The Resurrection of Life~ Day 14

Day 14~ 40 Days
I haven’t been keeping my word. I haven’t been keeping my promises. I have acted in ways that do not align with who I am and what I say that I want. I don’t like feeling distracted. I don’t like dishonoring me.  I do not like allowing for experiences to happen that make me forget everything that I say I want for me. I do not like allowing experiences to happen that make me forget who I AM.
I don’t need to write about it…
I don’t need to read about it…
I NEED TO BE IT! I need to BE the thing that I say I WANT—for me!
I woke up in such a bad mood today.
In my meditation I kept writing MOVE ON! MOVE ON! MOVE ON!
I am in a war right now—a war between flesh and spirit. I am experiencing an inner conflict.
Breathe Alicia…
Let it go…
Today I am in spiritual chaos when what I want most is spiritual harmony. I want to be in harmony with my spirit. I want to be in harmony in every area of my life. I intend to release this tightness in my chest recognizing that every moment is an opportunity for me to begin again. I am on a fast that will challenge me at every turn… that is challenging me. But today is a new day!
In meditation I read:
“The resurrection of life is today. You are clothed with this resurrection now. All you need to do is to experience it. Begin to live today…  I know that every apparent death is a resurrection; therefore, today, gladly I die to everything that is unlike the good.” This Thing Called You~
So today I am allowing my past to die. I begin to live today… I continue to move into my becoming. Reminding myself that I am constantly evolving and unfolding. And with every challenge there is a miracle… a lesson… and I openly receive the blessing.
“Evolution is onward, upward, forward, outward, expansive—“I am come that they might have life that they might have it more abundantly. Today, realizing that there is nothing in my past which can rise against me, nothing in my future which can menace the enfoldment of my experience, life shall be an eternal adventure, an unfolding experience of greater and better experiences.” This Thing Called You~
And so it is~ Ache
I resurrect to my life today!
Today I am keeping my word!
Today, I come out of spiritual chaos knowing that in love I am constantly unfolding and evolving… for this knowing I am so grateful.
Today, I can be kind and gentle with mysezzlf knowing that I am becoming what I say I want for me.
Today, I call forth harmony, peace and love in everything I say and do.
Today, I send harmony, peace and love to everyone in the world.

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