Saturday, October 20, 2012

Meditation 45: EXPECTING the best of Life ~ Day 28

Day 28: 40 Day Fast~
Friday, October 19, 2012
Today my word is PURGING. I am getting rid of the old to make room for the new. Over the past few years I have removed over 60 bags of crap I no longer needed, in addition to donating over 30 bags of clothes and 100’s of books.
I am at the end of my process.
There is a show on TV right now called Hoarders. I can’t tell you how depressing it makes me to watch it. In fact it saddens me because I know that I have been there. I have been a hoarder. Perhaps not to the severity of some of the people they have filmed. But I have held onto things that have consumed me. I have held onto things that don’t have value to the world yet hold significant value to me. In fact, the very piles and piles of paper that I have refused to get rid of in some way gave me a sense of value. If I held onto documents that I researched 20 years ago it was somehow proof that my life wasn’t a waste. This mess that we live in isn’t just external… what you see on the outside. Some people might watch this show and judge it… judge them... judging us saying to themselves; WOW! How can they live like that?
Yet what people fail to recognize and see is that if that is what their world looks like on the outside for everyone to see… just imagine what their world looks like on the inside!
It has taken me years to stop hoarding. I have released so much of my past and removed so many things that just served to clutter my world.
I now understand the importance of LETTING GO!
So the next time you see that show or know someone who is holding onto things that seem to consume them… compassion is what we should express because I believe we are all hoarders!
Finally, I am at the end of my purging process this is the last round…
I understand that hoarding was a form of LIMITATION. Holding onto these things was blocking the good from coming to me. I was placing value on the things that I held onto believing that if I let it go I would be nothing… I would have nothing… rather than acknowledging that I lack nothing and that I am abundant and unlimited.
“It is certain that you cannot believe in abundance while identifying yourself with lack. Learn how to think abundantly. Think of the vastness of everything, the limitless of space, the numberless grains of sand on the seashore… Lean to see abundance in everything, to multiply the good you already possess. Be consciously one with the law of abundance. Expectancy will speed your progress.” ~ Ernest Holmes
I am looking around and smiling because I know that once I am done this is done. My space will reflect what I am feeling on the inside, which is peace, quiet, stillness, tranquility, simplicity, lightness and less is more! I am putting a HUGE emphasis on the words, simple and less.
There really isn’t a lot left to do…
I am saying goodbye to an old chapter of my life the chapters where I held onto useless, meaningless, worthless, and insignificant crap. I am releasing all those things that I believed represented me.
None of it represents me.
I am too HUGE for the little things I have been holding onto.
My apartment colors right now were exactly what I needed at the time… it was filled with bright reds and oranges, yellows…
During that time I needed colors that symbolized warmth, colors chosen to feel safe, security, strength, happiness, brightness, LOVE… that’s what these color meant to me… stability completion…
And a now I have all that…
Its no longer necessary that it be on the walls… reflected on the outside… is all part of me. It is the very essence of me!
So today its time for a change…
New colors… new start… new day… new dawn!
What am I calling forth now is very much still the same as before… but the colors I’ve chosen now represent, tranquility, peace, fullness, abundance, tranquility, peace, stillness, joy, receptivity, acceptance, infinite possibilities, forward movement, evolution, expansion and more and more LOVE.
And so it is.
I am tranquility!
I am peace!
“There is truly no need to be concerned even when the trees appear to bare, as long as we are conscious of the truth that the law is even now operating within to bring forth fruit after its own kind…” The Infinite Way
“As we learn to enjoy the beauties and bounties of nature, with no desire to hoard any of them, and with no fear that there is less than an infinite supply of them, so we learn to enjoy the fruitage of our infinite supply.” The Infinite Way
I expect my good.
I am entitled to all of it.
I believe the Law of Good will bring to me every good thing I desire and blessings for everyone I come in contact with.
I know that I am drawing my good to me; everything within me accepts this truth.
I expect favorable results and live from this place.
I am peace, love and light every day.
I am HUGE and living in the bigness of how powerful I am and in all that I do.
And so it is~

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