Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meditation 42: If you build it… they will come~ Day 25

Day 25: 40 Day Fast
Today I am meditating on the power of love~ How love can be felt virtually from complete strangers, from a Facebook status, sent over the airwaves, received via text messages.
There is nothing more beautiful than love.
I am on a love hangover today.
Last night was an evening filled with so much love, so much power, so much female energy and love was felt from the men who support us.
Last night at the anniversary of the NYC Latina Writers Group (NYCLWG) I felt such a powerful shift.
During the welcome last night I talked about Giving Birth and what being the founder of the Latina Writers Group means to me:
Giving Birth to the NYC Latina Writers Group…

I am a mother…
Not just born in 1992
I am mother otra vez
6 years ago
today my baby turns 6
today my daughters turn six
today is a BIRTH – day
October 2006 six women were brave enough to step foot into a stranger’s home…
a crazy Dominican who was searching for them…
She has been searching for them her entire life…
I searched and searched
And you arrived
You arrived and allowed ME to be your mother
You arrived and allowed me to be your midwife
You arrived and allowed me to love you
You arrived and allowed me to teach you
You arrived and I allowed you to teach ME
You arrived!
As I sit here thinking about ALL that you mean to me…
ALL THAT the NYC Latina Writers Group means to me…
All I can muster is a THANK YOU!
From the depths of my spirit and soul!
Thank you for being brave
Than you for displaying courage
Thank you for writing your stories
Thank you for writing OUR stories
Thank you for crying with me
Thank you for trusting me
Thank you for your secrets
Thank you for sharing your hurts
Thank you for sharing your JOY
Thank you for standing at my side for six years…
Thank you for meeting me on this journey this lifetime…
Most of you have been with me…
many life times…
we have given birth…
we are constantly giving birth
that’s the message I want to leave you with today…
there comes a point where MOM must leave and the daughters become the mothers…
Continue giving birth
our stories depend on you!

So much changed for me last night. My life mission and vision has been redefined… validated… all of it changed in one moment. It was confirmation that I am doing exactly what I WAS BORN to do.
Provide a space…
An open space…
A sacred space…
A safe place…
“If you build it… they will come…”
I met many women last night that impressed me, inspired me, shared their stories with me, want to create with me…BEAUTIFUL WOMYN!!!
But there was one woman who stood out. I will call her “Reflection.”
Reflection and I spent a portion of the evening just sharing… getting to know each other. It was more ALICIA listening. Really listening to what her heart and spirit wanted me to know. I felt so honored that she was so comfortable with me… trusting me with her story. Reflection is so strong. Reflection is so beautiful. Reflection has an important story to be told and is aching to tell it.
There was a moment when Reflection said, “I need you to know something. When you read… when you spoke… everything you shared… I heard my voice. Your voice is my voice. You are giving voice to everything I am feeling.”
Reflection continued sharing… and as I was listening something happened. I saw my reflection in her eyes. Not just in her eyes… but she became me and I became her. I understood that we are ONE. She is my reflection and I am hers.
I responded: of course my voice sounds like yours… because it is your voice… I am you… you are me… we are reflections of one another.
What a beautiful moment we shared… two women who know pain, who know darkness, who know sadness, who know failure, and at the same time know triumph, and victory, joy, happiness and LOVE… two womyn who know exactly what we need to do to make ourselves feel better… two womyn who know exactly who we must surround ourselves with in order to heal.
She called the experience last night CHURCH… she said she doesn’t have a spiritual practice but that being surrounded by the womyn who performed last night and shared their words made her feel as if she was at church… she said she walked in sad and left feeling so much better.
One thing she said to me that I will never forget, “I wish I could see what you see in me!”
My response: Beloved, I am you… and I see ALL THAT you are in me!
This blog is dedicated to every person who was present last night, to every person who were unable to make it, to every woman I have ever known, for our family members alive and those who have transitioned… A personal thank you to Nivea Castro for being present and such a wonderful friend and for taking photos documenting the evening, to Peggy, Maria, Nancy, Seary, Meriam, Emma, Ellie, Pilar, Yoseli, Camaradas and MIA Art by Mia for realizing our vision… the Latina Writers Group has a logo. 
I love each and everyone of you~
And so it is~

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