Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meditation 43: Dare to be YOU~ Day 26

Day 26: 40 Day Fast

Coming to myself! Come into myself! Come to my self!
That’s what I read and heard today and I had to write it down!
Dare to be yourself!
Have the audacity to be yourself and not desiring to be anyone else!
It’s about NOT wanting what someone else has!
Be yourself!
Loving me in the skin that I’m in!
Dare to be YOU!
“You rob no person when you discover you own good. You limit no person when you express a greater degree of livingness. You harm no one by being happy. You steal from no one by being prosperous. You hinder no person’s evolution when you consciously enter into the kingdom of your good and possess it today.” ~ This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes
So many things were revealed to me today during meditation. The messages I received today were LOUD and CLEAR
My meditation this morning was crazy active with so many messages and ideas. I was reminded of how limiting I can be. I thought about the ways I have limited/prevented/withheld the good from arriving to me.
In getting quiet today I made an incredible revelation…
I visualized myself at the event tonight at John & Wales and all that I would be performing. I have been asked to share excerpts from my memoir, Finding Your Force and from my play I WAS BORN, as well as perform some poetry and present the trailer for Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story.
Basically, I am being called to bring ALL OF ME… literally my entire body of work and will be standing there naked for the audience to see.
I can admit that I always get a little nervous before every event, but its also excitement. I love sharing and hearing what students have to say and I enjoy the feedback on how my work has been received.
I read an excerpt today from my memoir that I didn’t know until this morning I would be sharing tonight and that’s when it happened…
The revelation was around my play I WAS BORN and the issues I’m having with the main character and narrator of the story LIA. I have been stuck telling her story for two years now and have not allowed it to unfold and be told in a complete and truthful way… emphasis on the word COMPLETE!!!
People want to know LIA’s story!
People want to know who LIA is!
People want to know why LIA is the one to tell their story!
People want to know why LIA cares about the women in this story!
People want to know LIA!
The development of her story has been really surface… I’ve been playing it safe because its too close, because it too true, because it really painful… because its really MY story.
And so…
My big news is…
I am FINALLY going to tell her COMPLETE story and her name in the play is no longer LIA … I WAS BORN~ ALICIA!
And so it is~

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