Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Meditation 48: ~ Something Amazing is Happening ~ Day 31

Monday, October 22, 2012
There’s something about Park Avenue in New York City that I love. The air smells different.
Hustle and bustle
As I was walking towards 53rd Street and Park Avenue I was recalling a time where I was very well off financially. I would not think twice about what things cost, taking cabs all over the city, dining in the finest restaurants, hundreds of dollars spent each week on clothes and entertainment. I really believed that I had it MADE! I believed that money and material things MADE me! I believed that material things were what gave my life value… that the material gave me value.
I smiled as I walked down the street seeing the many beautiful people with their designer clothes and I actually said to myself, “I lived in that world for a long time. I was one of them!”
I began writing this blog on my phone as I was walking towards the train when I realized that my phone and computer were both dead—no power left… they both needed to be charged.
This is why I haven’t posted in a few days… I have needed to recharge!!! Recharging my material things are a metaphor for where I am today. I am not that person anymore who needed things to feel special or important. I am not that person that needs to dress a certain way in order for the world to accept me. I have nothing to prove to anyone. The things that I value today are so much different than what I used to value. Today what’s important and of value for me is STILLNESS.
I am exhausted… this month has been tremendous… absolutely beautiful… and filled with so many blessings. I decided that I was being called to NOT post… to NOT do… to NOT write… to DO NOTHING... to BE STILL! To RECHARGE!
Then I arrived to my Monday night class moderated by Greg Stamper of Expansion Church and he opened us up in prayer… He called for us to be present and in this moment. 
Greg must have been in my head because his prayer was calling for divine renewal, recharge and reconnection for all of us. And this is exactly what I needed today to renew, recharge and reconnect!
In that moment I was given permission to release my attachment to things… material things, things in my life, or things that I need to get done.
Then something wonderful happened… my spirit sister Yolanda said, "What if we woke up everyday saying, Something Amazing is Happening Today!” She talked about being open to all that is being prepared and unfolding in our lives and how we can just sit back and wait for the miracle. 
Oftentimes we look for it in the tangible… in the material…
Today I choose to know that SOMETHING AMAZING IS HAPPENING… even when I can’t see it or touch it I know that it is here.
“If you knew what life is worth… you will get yours here on earth…” Michael Beckwith
And so it is~

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