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Meditation 27: The Circumstances of Our Birth~ Day 11

Day 11~ 40 Days

The circumstances of our birth~
Last week I went for a walk with a dear friend and she and I had a lovely conversation about birth. She shared with me that the way we enter the world is very telling as it pertains to who we are today. She asked me if I know how I came into the world?
As I began to think about my birth the first thing that came to mind was that I was unplanned and unwanted. My brother was born in September 1970 and two months later my mom was pregnant with me. I definitely believed that they were not happy about my coming. They had just arrived to the country in 1968, immigrants and didn’t have a lot of money. They were just settling in… beginning their assimilation and acculturation process and I am pretty sure that I was not a part of the plan. What really stayed with me was the UNWANTED piece. This would be a story that I would carry into adulthood.
Then last night in my Expansion Church spirituality class my teacher said something radical… “We believe we are the circumstances our birth…” ~ Greg Stamper
The conversation then continued around the idea that we come into the world perfect…
“You enter the world perfect… you are perfect… you are already whole you are already complete…” ~ Greg Stamper
During my class some concepts came up around MORTALITY, IMMORTALITY and INTIMACY that I was struggling to understand. Actually, the struggle I was experiencing centered around refusing to accept the truth of what Spirit is calling me to see in my intimate relationships… its about redefining my intimate relations. I began thinking about how I have put my energy in the past and present. I am thinking about how my focus has been around intimate relationships with others.
This is what I meditating on today… my intimate relationship with ME… my intimate relationship with Spirit.
Spiritual life~
Spiritual intimacy~
Today I stop holding on to those things outside of me~
Today I move on~
Today I am unfolding~

As I begin my favorite month of the year. October the month of transformation for me! Actually this unfolding is happening everyday yet I celebrate October as my BIRTH month because much of what I have given birth to creatively has happened in October. In October I allow myself to be reflective—extra reflective. Today I am allowing myself to be still. Today I am allowing myself to be quiet. Today I am allowing my soul to be in silent meditation choosing to not speak or see anyone for a few days.
No speaking~
Staying inside of myself~
Healing from the inside out~
One of the things I shared in class last night was an excerpt I was having difficulty with:
“This inner Presence of which we are aware is Truth Itself interpreting Itself to us as presence, power, companion, light, peace and healing influence… This Truth is wealth and appears as our abundant supply. No human circumstance or condition can lessen our income and wealth while we abide in this consciousness of the presence of Love. Establish this truth within you, and it becomes your real being, knowing neither birth nor death, youth nor age, health nor disease—but only the eternality of harmonious being. This truth dispels every illusion of sense and reveals the infinite harmony of your being; it dispels mortality and reveals your immortality.” ~ The Infinite Way~ Joel Goldsmith
This is a powerful truth for me to accept. That I AM eternal… dispelling my mortality (which has everything to do with this material space that I live in) and revealing my immortality… (This is me choosing to live in a spiritual space… that is immortal… that TRUTH… is so HUGE… eternal… enormous… I just want to hold that! Deep inhale! Exhale!
Today I am beginning an intimate relationship with me… a deep love affair… understanding that Spirit and I are one.
Clearing my mind~
As I sit here in meditation… I am hearing all the noise from the outside world, but it is the chatter on the inside that is non-stop. The constant worrying – the to do lists… I release the chatter… what I want most today is an intimate connection, communion and illumination within me. I want to be filled with spirit. I want to accept that I am spirit and that Spirit shows up in me as me. Everything that I say I want… I already have. I don’t need to fear it. I am huge. You don’t get much bigger than that. So today this is what I am meditating on and accepting. That the intimate relationship that I desire and am searching for is right here… right now… right were I stand for this knowing I am so grateful. And so it is. Ache

Today I am preparing my mind to receive:
“Realizing that all action starts in and is a result of consciousness, prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer. Become increasingly aware of the one Presence the one Life and the one Spirit, which is God. Try to drop all sense of lack or limitation from your thought… The spirit works for you through your belief. All things are possible to this Spirit, therefore, everything is possible to you in such degree as you can believe in and accept the operation of Spirit in your life. ~ This Thing Called YOU~ Ernest Holmes
“Remember that thought patterns are acquired, therefore, the mind that accepted them can reject them.” ~ Ernest Holmes
Today I am rejecting thoughts that are not the truth of who I am and the experience I am living. I refuse to feed negative thoughts.
Today I am unfolding into a fearless and Spiritual gangster.
I hold the truth that as I reject thoughts that do not serve me; those thoughts have no other choice but to disappear.
Today I accept that the circumstances of my birth were perfect.  I arrived to the Perfect parents, had the perfect upbringing and the perfect life that align with who I am today and what I am here to do. And for that birth I am so grateful~
Today I am preparing my mind.
Today I am birthing an intimate relationship with Spirit that is one of Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance.
And so it is~
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